Center Path LLC

Level up your DevOps game!

DevOps challenges are a major distraction.

  • Deployment times slow to a crawl as your teams focus their energies on adding new features.
  • More and more bugs make it through flaky test suites leaving customers with a terrible experience of your product.
  • Your engineers seem to be stuck in firefighting mode while a backlog of unfinished improvement projects pile up.
  • Engineers move on in their careers leaving behind homegrown solutions without any documentation.

There are a million posts on Hacker News about processes, frameworks, and tools promising to cure all ills. DevOps practices are an iterative journey not a mystical destination. It takes ongoing effort to keep your people collaborating and your applications performing to their full potential.

How do you know what changes to make to get yourself back into the business of serving your customers? That's where Central Path can help.

Get back to focusing on your customers.

Getting your people and your platform to the next level is within reach. It starts with identifying where you want to be and what stands in the way.

We'll partner with your teams to find the sticking points in your current processes and technology. Equipped with that knowledge, we'll make an actionable plan to coach your teams and level up your processes together. And you can finally put your focus back on serving your customers.